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architecteurope2016.jpg Ray D. Crespo was born in Ecuador. At age 14 his father immigrated to the USA where he later, after finishing mandatory schooling, decided to study architecture and received his ARCH BS degree at the California Polytechnical University Pomona in 1983. Since 1984 Ray lives in north-eastern Switzerland with his wife and three children.

In January 1993 Ray was asked to design a duplex for a friend in the town of Bischofszell, prior to completion, the second commission to remodel an existing house into living quarters and offices was being worked on. By the end of 1993 we were invited to participate in a competition for a local high school. We were awarded the first prize and commissioned to build the structure completed in July 1996 with 125'000 Sfr. under budget.

Our present work has expanded beyond the Swiss borders. Equipped with 'state of the art' information technology we can serve our most demanding clients all over the globe!
There's nothing new under the sun... to observe nature
and to understand its purposes, is our main endeavour
in the design process, thus; To fulfil our clients goal
is our highest ambition. Truly, Form Follows Function!
Hauptstrasse 56b
Kradolf - Thurgau

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